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Bernie, Jay & Symon Cat

Hallandale Beach, Florida

Symon Kittie Shares Some Precious Moments With His Fans . . .


Symon, Posing On One
Of His Favorite Beaches.
"Find The Tall Ship," He Quips.

The Other Day I Had A Frightful Experience Of Being Pecked
In The Bumm By A Crazy Wild Bird.
To Say The Least . . .

I Was NOT A Happy Cat

Symie With Birds Pecking At Bumm


Displayed Below Are Snapshots Of Symon Kitties
Catching His Many Moods And Personalities.
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There Is Really No One Here

There Is Really No One Here No Matter How Close You Look

If I Can't See Them Then They Can't See Me!

I Swear I'm Really Gonna Run Away This Time

Symie Claus

Sick Symie

A Big Movement

Nurse Symie

Proud Graduate

Seniorita Symie

Senior Symie

Sitting Pretty

Chef Symon

Elton Cat

Symon & Daddy

Pope Symon

Easter Bonnet



Moving Day

A Night Out In
South Florida

Where's Santa?

Christmas Morn

Christmas Stocking

Christmas Catnip


Dreams Of Sugarplum Fairies

Moody Symon

Scary Friends

Dog-Dog Deer

What's In Here?

Getting To The Good Stuff

Oreo From Maine
Symon's Pen Pal
Sister Symon Runs The Mile In Her Berkinstocks

Symon and Daddy Bernie Enjoy Some Quality Time Together

Oliver From Maine . . .
Symon's Nemesis
Symon Has Taken To His Sick-Bed
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Symon Kitties
February 1987 ~
November 24, 2004









Bernie and Jay and Onyx Kitties ~ 2017 ~ Asheville, North Carolina, USA